Tommy Robinson’s book dropped from Amazon

Tommy Robinson Book Removed From Amazon, Just Days After Facebook Account Disabled

“We reserve the right not to sell certain inappropriate content,” the online retail giant said.

Amazon has removed a book co-authored by Tommy Robinson, a day after he was de-platformed on Facebook.

‘Collaboration between big tech and the establishment’

In a YouTube video published on Wednesday Mr Robinson said: “They are now literally burning books.

“You can go on Amazon and you can buy Mein Kampf. You can buy Hitler’s book but you can’t buy Tommy Robinson’s.

“This is a wake-up call to every single one of you to realise that they will silence us or they will attempt to that, that everyone will be put back in their box that any difference of opinion will be shut down, hand in hand.”

An Amazon spokesperson said the company sold books that “some customers may find objectionable” but reserved the right not to sell “certain inappropriate content.”

Mr Robinson’s autobiography, Enemy of the State, is still available for sale on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

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