Stansted Airport closes for two hours after eight injured in terrifying aborted takeoff

Passengers heard a “huge bang” before their plane “skidded to a stop” during an aborted take-off at Stansted Airport.

Eight people were injured and flights were temporarily suspended from the London airport as a result.

The Vienna-bound Laudamotion flight came to a stop on the runway shortly after 8pm on Friday.

Others also reported seeing “flames and sparks” as the plane came to a “screeching halt” before people were evacuated via emergency slides following a suspected engine problem.

Sam Long, who was on board, said: “Loud bang as plane began to accelerate and take off. Huge deceleration, stopped and then evacced [sic] to runway.

“Being escorted back to terminal.”

Another tweeted: “Mid take off at Stansted, our plane had a huge bang, skidded to a stop and all had to evacuate down the slides, with my friend opening the emergency door. A scary experience for sure.”

He added: “Cabin crew screaming evacuate and all had to slide down the slides.”

Flights into the airport were also reportedly being diverted, including to Gatwick.

At 10.45pm a Stansted Airport spokesman said: “Our runway has now re-opened and is fully operational.

“We are extremely sorry for the disruption caused by the incident, but our first priority is always the safety of passengers and staff.”

Pictures from the scene showed a fire engine and flashing blue lights surrounding the Airbus A320 aircraft.

People could also been seen standing nearby with their hand luggage.

Traveller, Jana, told how the flight attendants were “panicked” and “pretty much caused chaos themselves”.

She also tweeted that using the emergency slide was “scary”.

“We had to basically jump from the plane onto the slide down this 10m drop,” she wrote.

Passenger Anja Kohlfürst told Mirror Online: “We were just hearing a bang and we saw something that looked like a explosion. After sliding out, we were just standing on the field and everyone was panicking.

“Finally when the emergency crew arrived, everything went smoothly. We were transported back to the inside and received water and sandwiches.

“They told us, that we are getting our luggage in an hour and we will MAYBE fly to Vienna in a few hours.”

Chiara Nardi also wrote: “If you are wondering about the “incident” at Stansted: a plane was stopped just before getting on the runway because of an engine failure.

“Everyone is ok, we are on a bus waiting to get back to the Terminal.”

Stansted Airport said in a statement to the Mirror earlier this evening: “Flights at London Stansted are currently suspended due to an aircraft on the runway following an aborted take-off just after 20.00 due to a suspected engine problem.

“Emergency service attended and all passengers were evacuated from the aircraft as a precaution.

“It is understood there were eight minor injuries sustained during the evacuation. All passengers have now been taken back to the terminal.

“The flight was an A320 operated by Laudamotion to Vienna with 169 passengers and six crew onboard.”

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