Scottish Tory Annie Wells says poor and ordinary people are lazy

Is it just me or has Scottish Tory MSP Annie Wells lost her mind? Recently, the Scottish Government implemented a tax reform bill that would see small income tax rises for a certain group of the economy earning above £33,000 per year. This would mean that higher income Scots who have to pay a little bit more tax to fund public services. The news angered Ms. Wells so much she took to Twitter to attack the poor and middle-class people of the country. The tweet said that the Government’s new rule would send the wrong message to the Scottish people. In her tweet, she took a swipe at the poor and middle class by saying,”don’t be ambitious, don’t be hard-working, don’t be successful.”

Troubling Tweet
This troubling tweet was a clear indication of her feelings towards people who earn less than £33,000 per year. Her comments were directed at people like Scottish police officers whose starting salaries begin at £23, 493, or nurses who make £22,128, and firefighters whose salaries start at £22,017. It must also be noted, that Ms. Wells reportedly earns around £60,000 per year and as a representative of the Scottish Parliment, many of her expenses are subsidized. With the new tax reform bill, MSP Wells will see a 29p per week increase in her income tax receipt. But like all her elitist Tory party cohorts, she doesn’t believe that high profile house officials, like herself, should pay more tax. Even if it’s a very small tax increase.

Wells views on the poor people are nothing new. It’s a well-known fact that the Tory Party MSP has spent the better part of seven years fighting against pay increases for workers.

Not all rich Scotts are selfish morons
Her stupid comments sent Twitter into a frenzy and a lot of people were not happy with her views. One person tweeted, “I’m perfectly happy to pay a few quid extra in tax to make Scotland a better and more progressive country.” So not all people with money in Scotland are complete morons. Carol Ann (‘Annie’) Wells MSP is a Scottish Conservative politician and Unionist Member of Scottish Parliament for the Glasgow region, elected at the Scottish Parliament election, 2016. MSP Wells is also a single mother.


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