Most British people now want a ‘final say’ on Brexit deal, new poll reveals

Britain remains bitterly divided over Brexit – but most of us now want a ‘final say’ on the deal hammered out by Theresa May’s negotiators, a new poll has revealed.

Only 31 per cent are opposed, according to Open Britain, and Labour supporters are most keen by 65 to 21 per cent

The poll found that 44% of Britons want a ‘final say’ on the Brexit deal, compared with 36% who do not, a poll has indicated. The survey asked if the public should be given the chance to decide whether to accept the terms of the deal Theresa May negotiates with Brussels or remain in the European Union after all. The YouGov poll for campaign group Best for Britain, which wants the UK to remain open to staying in the EU, found that if there was another referendum on Europe 44% would vote to stay and 41% to leave.

Amongst 18 to 34-year-olds, which includes 500,000 people who could not vote in the 2016 referendum, the idea leads by 61 to 21.

Broken down by country, a “people’s vote” is ahead in England on 52 per cent, Wales on 58, Scotland on 59 and Northern Ireland on 45.

James McGrory, of Open Britain, said: “The people know the final deal is too important to be left to the politicians alone.

“The idea of a vote is overwhelmingly ­supported by Labour voters and it is difficult to see how Jeremy Corbyn could resist.”

Open Britain launches a campaign today calling for a public vote on whatever Brexit deal Theresa May presents to parliament after the summer.

It would have to take place before March 2019.

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