Katie Hopkins slammed for ‘anti-semitic’ tweet following Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

Controversial Devon commentator Katie Hopkins has been widely criticised for her response the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

A tweet sent by Hopkins on Monday morning appeared to blame the chief rabbi for the shocking attack that left 11 dead on Saturday.

The far-right personality said that ‘mass migration across the Med’ was to blame for the incident.

In a tweet she wrote: “Watching the pin-the-blame on the donkey after Pittsburgh Synagogue. Gab. Trump. White Supremcists. The Media. Muslims. Look to the Chief Rabbi and his support for mass migration across the Med. There you will find your truths.”

The tweet has been widely condemned, with a number of people reporting her to Twitter for racial hatred.

Observer writer Jay Rayner encouraged people to “report this tweet to Twitter by the thousand”, with others likening her stance to Nazi ideology.

Writer Kate Maltby said: “This is repulsive. And should be contemplated by everyone who has enabled the career of Katie Hopkins in the UK.”

While American journalist Cathy Young added: “Watching Katie Hopkins being a piece of s**t. What else is new.”

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