Full scale of no-deal Brexit disaster laid bare

Scottish Brexit secretary Michael Russell said the new papers from ministers exposed “more starkly than anything we have yet seen” how much crashing out of the EU without a deal will impact the country.

Flights to the EU could be grounded under a doomsday no-deal Brexit , official Government papers confirmed on Monday.

A paper on aviation says that “there could be disruption to some flights”.

There’s a warning too that tourists could need to go through even more security screening.

“Currently passengers flying from the UK and transferring at an EU airport for an onward flight do not have to be rescreened at that EU airport, because the UK applies, and exceeds, the EU baseline aviation security measures,” the report said. “If there is no deal, and the EU decides not to recognise the UK aviation security system, then passengers and their luggage will have to be rescreened when changing flights in EU hub airports.”

Full scale of no-deal Brexit disaster laid bare

The papers also warned of gridlock at ports: “While the government would seek to bring previous bilateral agreements with individual EU countries back into force and conclude new ones as swiftly as possible, the timing for this and the number of permits available under them cannot be guaranteed.”

Businesses warned that this would have a disastrous impact on food supply chains, particularly for fresh foods.

Other notices revealed that additional documents and health checks will be required for animals travelling to the EU, including proof of effective vaccination of pets, which can take up to four months.

Though maybe not the most horrific difficulty for UK citizens abroad, a no deal Brexit could even mean an end to accessing video or music streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix, from EU countries.

Russell said: “The UK Government’s own guidance could not be clearer about the economic harm and chaos which could ensue – including grounded flights, border post delays and food supply disruption.

“Meanwhile, EU leaders could not be clearer that any proposal that undermines the single market is completely unacceptable.

“But, as the First Minister has made very clear, we should not be faced with a choice between a ‘no deal’ Brexit and a ‘blind Brexit’ where we do not have any detail or guarantees on future trading relationships.

“The Prime Minister must put an end to Brexit brinkmanship and commit to the only feasible option which – short of continued EU membership – is staying in the European Single Market and Customs Union which is around eight times bigger than the UK market alone and which is so essential for our economy, our society and the people of Scotland.”

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab moved to reassure the country.

Speaking to BBC News, he said: “The point of these technical notices and we’ve published 24 today, a total of 77 from aviation to motor insurance to taking your pet abroad, the kind of quality of life issues people care about, yes there is some risks of short term disruption, but we’re giving the guidance, we’re giving the information so that everyone knows what they need to do well in advance.”

Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, wasn’t reassured. “Our politicians act as if they have six more months to conclude a withdrawal agreement. In fact, today’s official confirmation of just how bad this scenario would be is bound to encourage businesses and shoppers to consider – now – stockpiling, buying ahead, hedging currency risk, procuring additional warehousing, relocating production to the EU, and other practical measures to secure supply.

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Source : http://www.thenational.scot/news/16900215.full-scale-of-no-deal-brexit-disaster-laid-bare/
Source : http://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/16900215.full-scale-of-no-deal-brexit-disaster-laid-bare/

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