First section of Donald Trump’s wall at Mexico border unveiled

None shall pass: Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen unveils the first phase of Trump’s 30ft metal wall at the Mexican border as the administration says ‘everything is on the table’ to keep the migrant caravan out

-A 30-foot fence spanning two miles has been erected at a Calexico site in Imperial City, California

-Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen spoke at the Mexico-US border as a migrant caravan from Honduras headed towards the US

-The structure is separate from a concrete wall prototype built near San Diego as part of Trump’s signature White House campaign promise in 2016

-There could be up to 1,000 troops at the border and approximately 2,000 members of the National Guard along the border

A 30-foot fence high spanning two miles has been constructed at the Mexico-US border.

First section of Donald Trump's wall at Mexico border unveiled

Sporting a plaque that boasted President Donald Trump’s name, it marks the first phase of a wall to block migrants from entering the US.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen inaugurated the Calexico site in Imperial City, California Friday.

She warned ‘everything is on the table’ as the administration considered new measures to send a message to a dwindling and slow-moving migrant caravan from Honduras. It is currently 990 miles away from McAllen, Texas.

Mr Nielsen said: “Let me be clear: Walls work.”

The Pentagon has approved a request for extra troops at the southern border, expected to total at least 800, although the figure could be as many as 1,000.

The White House is looking at new border security measures, including one plan that would use the same mechanism as Donald Trump’s travel ban to block migrants from seeking asylum in the US.

Mr Nielsen said: “We are looking at every possible way within the legal construct that we have to make sure that those who don’t have the legal right to come to this country do not come in.”

In a tweet, Ms Nielsen said: “Border security is national security. We need funding to continue building @POTUS’ wall.

“We need personnel to secure the border. And we need laws that work for the American people. I refuse to believe that this is too complex for Congress to solve, they must address this crisis.”

The president has intensified his focus on immigration as the 6 November midterm elections get closer.

The caravan of migrants is about 1,000 miles away but dwindling in size.

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