Disabled man turned away from nightclub on his birthday ‘for wearing wrong clothes’

Family tells of upset after Peterlee’s Vibe club bars entry to disabled man on his 30th birthday

A disabled man who wanted to go clubbing for the first time to mark his 30th birthday was left devastated when he was turned away by bouncers.

Jamie Lee Jones had spent the evening celebrating at a family party and decided he wanted to join his step-dad Peter Robinson, 42, inside Vibe in Peterlee.

AS metro.co.uk reported ” He went home and changed into trousers but was refused entry again because the trousers he was wearing did not have zips.

Jamie has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, asthma and hydrocephalus, which causes a build up of fluid on the brain, as well as being deaf. His mum Tracey Robinson, 54, said his conditions would have been ‘obvious’ especially as he was using sign language to communicate with her.

She added: ‘Jamie, in the way he dresses, it’s very much in his own style and he always has shorts on. ‘He’s a big lad, about 23 or 24 stone.

‘He can’t have trousers with zips, it’s so he can go to the toilet himself.’ Jamie had spent the night celebrating his birthday with his family but desperately wanted to join his step-dad Peter inside the venue.

When Peter got inside, Tracey claimed he said he could see people wearing shorts and joggers. She added: ‘Jamie was upset because he didn’t know why he couldn’t go in. ‘It put a sour note on the night. He lives as normal a life as he can.

‘He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t take drugs, he was with his mam, what was he going to do? ‘I was fuming, he just wanted to go in and he’s never been in somewhere like that in his life.

‘They need to have some understanding of people with disabilities.’

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