Boris Johnson could lose his seat as voters under 50 abandon Conservatives

BOJO OH NO Boris Johnson could lose his seat due to a surge in younger voters

Tory policies and the Brexit mess have turned off young voters and the rising number in Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency puts his seat at risk

TORY leadership contender Boris Johnson is at risk of losing his seat – due to a surge of younger voters, research shows.

The Brexiteer’s 5,000 majority could be whittled away if the trend of under-40s continues to move against the Conservatives.

According to reports ” Research conducted by new Conservative supporting thing tank Onward has suggested that Mr Johnson’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip is “vulnerable”.

Their analysis suggests that a Conservative seat is vulnerable lose if the ratio of younger voters, under 40, rises above 1.1 for every older voter over 60.

According to the think tank in 2017 the ‘tipping point age’ – the median age at which a voter is more likely to vote Conservative than Labour – was 47 years old.

But it has increased in the last two years to 51 years old.

Results in Mr Johnson’s seat have been changing dramatically.

In 2017 there was saw a 13.6% swing to Labou cut his majority in half.

Two other former Tory ministers Mark Field and Greg Hands who hold London seats could also struggle to keep their jobs in a general election.

But it isn’t just Conservative MPs who would be under threat – in seats where constituents average age is getting older it may become harder for Labour to hold on to seats.

Seats where Onward suggest Conservatives are gaining on Labour include Stroud, Stockton South and Mansfield.

Nick Faith, from Onward, said: “The age profile of whether someone is more likely to vote Conservative is rising sharply.

“The tipping point is now 51 which means the Tories are increasingly putting off younger voters.

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