A single mum struggling to survive on Universal Credit has been forced to sleep with men for as little as £10 in order to feed her young son

‘NO CHOICE’ I sleep with men for £10 because Universal Credit’s left me and my seven-year-old destitute – I’ll even see punters on Christmas Day

Single mum Charlotte sold her son’s toys after being forced to live on £1.64 a day on Universal Credit. When she had no possessions left to sell, she sold herself

A SINGLE mum has bravely revealed that she’s been forced to sell her body for as little as £10 in order to feed her seven-year-old son while struggling to survive on Universal Credit.

Charlotte, 27, from South London, makes around £200 a week by performing sexual favours on as many as 15 men.

Some of the 27-year-old’s clients visit her home in south London while her seven-year-old son is at school, she says.

Charlotte, a former housekeeper who lives on an estate, said she is so destitute that she will see clients on Christmas Day as she hides the truth from her boy.

She said: “I haven’t got a choice. I’ll be doing it over Christmas too – what am I meant to do?”

Charlotte told the Sun her boy wears old and torn clothes, and knows she is struggling financially, so he hasn’t asked for a single Christmas gift.

She said: “At times I have had to sleep with men for some change – just £10 or £20 so I can buy some food in Iceland, just so my son doesn’t go hungry.”

She added: “I’ve had to sell the toys he has just to charge the electric and the gas.”

Charlotte said she couldn’t afford childcare after she had her son, so she was forced to give up her job.

She said she moved onto Universal Credit in January this year when she moved house, but her first payment didn’t arrive for five weeks.

Since then, she said, she has fallen £500 behind on her rent and been threatened with eviction.

Charlotte is left with just £467-a-month in Universal Credit and receives no financial support from her son’s father.

Charlotte has hit out at the government, saying she feels abandoned and that the only people she can trust are her clients.

A number of women have told how they have turned to prostitution to pay for food or heating bills.

Julie, 30, told the BBC that she was left “very disappointed” and “ashamed” after she was forced to sleep with a man for money during an eight-week wait for a Universal Credit payment.

She added: “It’s something I never ever thought I would be ever capable of doing.”

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