7 Memes From ‘The Office’ That Show Just Why We Love It

Now, over three years since the series went off air, we are still watching it, still talking about it, and still sharing quotes and memes with friends on the internet. The best The Office memes remind us why we loved the show and the crazy cast of characters in the first place, and often manage to provide poignant insight into our own lives. Check out this collection of laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarming memes to remember just why we love The Office so much

Because Michael is the best (worst) boss ever


Because Jim and Pam are the perfect couple

Because there can only be one assistant to the regional manager

Because true love is found in the most unlikely of places

Because Creed never fails to deliver a WTF moment

Because we love watching Michael hate Toby

Because we can never get our fill of hungry Kevin


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