Sir Howard Davies, chairman of NatWest, termed Brexit a "major error" and said he's not hopeful about the UK's future.

Sir Howard said he's worried about Brexit's long-term impact on London.

The financial services veteran told the Observer that Boris Johnson "hates the Treasury" for its pro-EU stance.

Who else could bail him out but the Treasury?

Sir Howard called Britain's exit from the EU a "major error," saying, "You don't solve the issues of the left-behind by hurting the area that's been writing the checks."

Brexit will hurt London's tax revenue over time.

NatWest's head is writing a book called "The Chancellors" about the Treasury's role in directing the economy under every chancellor from Gordon Brown to Rishi Sunak.

Alistair Darling Davies seems to revere the man who was chancellor from 2007 to 2010, defining years in finance due to the 2008 global banking meltdown.

"Alistair's hand was horrible." He had no money, a financial catastrophe, and his predecessor as his employer.

Gordon knew everything Alistair did. He was unfazed."