LONDON: Syrian refugee who trained as a doctor in Britain has treated war victims in Ukraine, The Independent reports.

Dr. Tirej Brimo fled Syria's civil war in 2013. He was a medical student. Doctorate from London, 2017.

Five years later, Brimo, a Cambridge emergency doctor, helped Ukraine.

Brimo took seven weeks off to see the Ukraine-Poland border and Lviv.

"I fled Syria. Student me felt helpless. Ukraine changed my life. I stood up for what I believe in,” he remarked.

He helped open a temporary clinic in Lviv that assisted Ukrainian refugees fleeing east.

After his trip, Brimo observed, "The Lviv train station was horrible." Every day, scores of trains arrived from eastern Ukraine, carrying injured people and refugees who wanted to flee.

"A paramedic and I saw 339 patients our first week." These feelings surfaced within seconds of the consultation. They'd seen and experienced plenty.

Some lost loved ones, some left everything behind, and some were so shocked they didn't know what was happening.

Brimo's memories were triggered. "War atrocities are similar. The horror on people's faces, rushed-filled backpacks, and children who have lost their spark are images that stick with him.

"War is like a nightmare you can't escape while begging for a miracle.

As humanitarian doctors, we fight differently. We care for trauma victims, the forgotten, and those forsaken by life's traumas.

"We hope these few minutes of attention will be a small light in our patients' path. Their healing path."

Brimo complimented his fellow volunteers, stating, "In a clear message of resilience and rejection of war and bloodshed, we smiled and prayed." A prayer we hope to hear."